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Iowa State Athletic Training to Hold Prospective Student Interviews

The Iowa State Athletic Training Program will hold its annual prospective student interviews next week in the Bergstrom Football Building - Cyclone Athletic Health Care Center. The Spring 2015 semester started with over 80 students interested in making athletic training their desired major. After a long semester of classroom work, lab practice & check-offs, clinical observation hours and reflective writing; 40 undergraduate students will interview with the AT Program staff next week to attempt to continue their education as a part of our Athletic Training Program.

The interview with staff is just one part of a student's successfull completion of the pre-athletic training program. Click here for full AT Progarm admission information. The AT Program admission generally consists of the following:

  1. Satisfactory completion of Pre AT 218x Orientation to Athletic Training Clinical Experience

  2. Complete and submit the Athletic Training Program Application Form

  3. Submit a copy of all high school and/or college transcripts. An overall college grade point average of 2.50 without D’s or F’s in athletic training-related course work is required.

  4. Undergo an interview with the Athletic Training Program Interview Committee This committee is comprised of athletic training clinical preceptors and educational instructors. During the interview, each candidate will be required to complete one or more randomly chosen skill (s) from the taping portion of ATr 221 & 222.

  5. Complete the following courses or equivalents:

  • BIOL 255 Fundamentals of Human Anatomy

  • BIOL 255L Fundamentals of Human Anatomy Laboratory

  • BIOL 256 Fundamentals of Human Physiology

  • BIOL 256L Fundamentals of Human Physiology Laboratory

  • ATr 222 - Basic Athletic Training for Athletic Trainers (minimum grade, B)

  • ATr 221 – Athletic Training Clinical Practicum (successful completion)

  • CPR Professional Rescuer/First Aid Certification

  • Complete a minimum of 75 hours of directed observation in a traditional athletic training setting.

Good luck to all the students taking part in the interviews next week. We look forward to meeting with you and welcoming the new group to the Program next Fall.


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