Athletic Training Student Scholarships & Awards
Frank Randall Distinguished Athletic Training Student Award


Award established in honor of former Head Athletic Trainer Frank Randall who served in this position for 29 years.  This is award is presented to the Iowa State Athletic Training Student who exemplifies dedication, work ethic, accountability, and excellence in the field of athletic training.  Recipients will be selected by the athletic training staff.


Past Recipients of the Frank Randall Distinguished Athletic Training Student Award:


Mike Barrett


Jenny Edwards


Megan Blomberg


Trevor Elmitt


Nick Eller

Suzanna Wymore



Meghan Peacock



Jordan Pierce 



Joe Wisniewski



Kyle Walker



Kylea Sheley 



Maggie Mountsier 



Jake Statz 



Eric Mann

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Students who qualify are awarded scholarships and other benefits. Awards are reviewed each semester and are based on clinical and academic performance. Students who qualify are awarded scholarships and other benefits such as campus meals, on campus parking, and athletic training clothing.  The most notable awards and scholarships that highlight the achievements of our students are the following:


Robert Watkins and Mary Swartz Athletic Training Student Achievement Award

After students have completed two semesters in the program, they can apply for the Robert Watkins and Mary Swartz Athletic Training Achievement Award. This award was established by Bill Watkins, a former athletic training student at Iowa State University in honor of his parents. The application deadline is February 25th of the application year. The award recipients are announced at the Kinesiology Spring Awards Banquet and the Athletic Training Education Program Annual Banquet. (Download Robert Watkins and Mary Swartz Athletic Training Achievement Award Application HERE)


























Past Recipients of the Robert Watkins and Mary Swartz Athletic Trainer Achievement Award:


2020                                                         2019

Sarah Branning                                          Samantha Wolfe

Rozlyn Elbert                                              Hannah Van Roekel

2018                                                          2017

Grace Dierenfield                                        Megan Blomberg

Christine Peluso                                          Amanda Morton

                                                                 Quintin Smidzik

2016                                                          2015

Meredith Dierks                                           Michael Montgomery

Tabitha Toland                                            Josh Zabel


2014                                                           2013

Jacob Laverman                                           Sami Polson

Meagan Peacock                                          Emily Robinson


2012                                                            2011

Rebecca Spitz                                               Jessica Beavers

Shane Goblirsch                                            Kyle Walker

2010                                                            2009

Heather Gericke                                            Sammie Schneider

Kelly Anne Roach                                          Jacquelyn Stortenbecker

2008                                                            2007

Tim Insko                                                     Nicole Mallie

Jake Statz                                                    Alanna Shay

2006                                                            2005

Ali Nevins                                                     Jill Esdohr

Kirsten Reck                                                 Wes Sohns 

                                                                   Dawn Wedeking

2004                                                             2003

Joe Hanfelt                                                    Laura Connor

Jamie Youngquist                                           Vaughn Jaspers

                                                                    Tim Weesner


2002                                                              2001

Kandy Faber                                                   Angela Ehlers

Kara Pasker                                                    Tanner Stoner

                                                                     Abby Thibadeau



Angela Ehlers

Dan Geitzenauer

Brandon Padilla

Joe Parker

Kari Stavnes

Chris Viesselman

Unsung Hero Award Sponsored by Bill Watkins


This award is given to one student, selected by staff who demonstrates, on a daily basis, the qualities of becoming a leading AT, but is not necessarily in the spotlight of the program.


Past Recipients of the Bill Watkins Unsung Hero Award:



Abigail DeWitt


Katie Primrose


Mason Finn


Kristen Eiles



Taylor Young



Sarah Nielsen



Justin Pomar



Shane Goblirsch



Pete Harder 


Tom Johnson Memorial Athletic Training Student Scholarship


This scholarship was established by many Iowa State Athletic Training alums in memory of Tom Johnson.  Tom attended Iowa State from 1985-1990, serving as an athletic training student for football, basketball, swimming, tennis and baseball.  After graduation, Tom was a high school athletic trainer in Texas for a number of years before furthering his education in technology integration, where he continued his work in the secondary school setting.


This $1,000 scholarship is presented to an Iowa State Athletic Training Student who exemplifies dedication to athletic training and a passion for helping people .  Recipients will be selected through an application process.


Past Recipients of the Tom Johnson Memorial Athletic Training Student Scholarship:




Levi Brouse

McKenzie Jackson


Dillon Bennett

Danielle Bredar


Jennifer Edwards

Hannah Van Rockel


Daniel Shultz


Christian Novy


William Piehl & Alfred Klein Athletic Training Scholarship

Sponsored by Scott Piehl


This scholarship has been established to support students enrolled in the Department of Kinesiology. Intent is to honor the grandparents of Iowa State Athletic Training alum Scott Piehl; so that their names will live on well into the future.  The training and education that  Scott received contributed greatly to his career and he is grateful for the opportunity to give back to the college and program that afforded his success.


This $1,000 scholarship is presented to an Iowa State Athletic Training Student(s) who exemplifies dedication to athletic training and a passion for helping people .  Recipients will be selected through a committee selection process.


Past Recipients of the William Piehl & Alfred Klein Athletic Training Scholarship:




Danielle Bredar


Lauren Runquist


Samantha Wolfe

National Athletic Trainer's Association Scholarships


The National Athletic Trainers’ Association offers a number of cash scholarships and sponsors an article-writing contest for undergraduate and graduate student athletic trainers. Information can be obtained by contacting the NATA office. All qualified students are encouraged to apply for these opportunities.


National Athletic Trainers’ Association
2952 Stemmons, Suite 200
Dallas, Texas 75247

1-800-TRY-NATA (879-6282)
1-214-637-2206 (FAX)

Letter Awards


If the athletic training student has fulfilled all clinical proficiencies, competency requirements and academic responsibilities, following completion of the athletic training student’s second year in the program, they are eligible for an Iowa State University letter jacket. The Program Director and staff Athletic Trainers must approve the student. Following completion of the student’s third year in the

program and if the student intends to sit for the BOC Certification Examination,

the student is eligible to receive an Iowa State Letter Winner’s Ring. All

nominations are subject to change.

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