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2020 - 2021 Athletic Training Program Awards

What a year it has been. 2020-21. Our students, instructors, preceptors and staff will never forget the tumultuous nature of this unprecedented year. We know our students are strong; they persevered through uncharted waters with tremendous confidence and pride in their program. The students of 2020-2021 experienced so many different scenarios and encountered dilemmas and situations that were unheard of only one year prior. These classes of AT students will be resilient in the face of adversity for the duration of their careers. They will always be able to fall back on the education and clinical experience that will surely have hardened them for a lifetime of work in sports medicine.

Thank You students. Thank you for your patience with instructors that were trying to lecture and speak with a cloth mask. Thank you for your patience when adjusting to a WedEx lecture that was sent to you via a link in an email only a few minutes prior. Thank you for your patience with preceptors that were short on time, sleep and coffee. Thank you for your hard work in the clinical settings and pitching in to help with COVID testing or any of the myriad of other duties that arose during this global pandemic. You all deserve all the recognition we can heap your way. Thank You.

The 2021 End of the Year Banquet was held outdoors again this year! This was a tradition many years in the past with Shannon Peel, Mary Meier and Vic Miller working the grill to provide a main course at the potluck banquet. It was therapeutic to get everyone together again, including our special guests Bill and Paula Watkins. Here are the award winners for the 2020-2021 year.

Frank Randall Distinguished Athletic Training Student Award:

Sarah Branning

Award established in honor of former Head Athletic Trainer Frank Randall who served in this position for 29 years. This is award is presented to the Iowa State Athletic Training Student who exemplifies dedication, work ethic, accountability, and excellence in the field of athletic training. Recipients are selected by the athletic training staff.

Robert Watkins and Mary Swartz Athletic Training Student Achievement Award:

Dylan Harms & David Harrison

After students have completed two semesters in the program, they can apply for the Robert Watkins and Mary Swartz Athletic Training Achievement Award. This award was established by Bill Watkins, a former athletic training student at Iowa State University in honor of his parents.

Unsung Hero Award Sponsored by Bill Watkins:

Tanner Bos

This award is given to one student, selected by the staff who demonstrates, on a daily basis, the qualities of becoming a leading AT, but is not necessarily in the spotlight of the program.

Tom Johnson Memorial Athletic Training Student Scholarship:

Michaela Hoffman

This scholarship was established by many Iowa State Athletic Training alums in memory of Tom Johnson. Tom attended Iowa State from 1985-1990, serving as an athletic training student for football, basketball, swimming, tennis and baseball. After graduation, Tom was a high school athletic trainer in Texas for a number of years before furthering his education in technology integration, where he continued his work in the secondary school setting.

William Piehl & Alfred Klein Athletic Training Scholarship Sponsored by Scott Piehl:

Christina Honnold & Mercedes Zapien

This scholarship has been established to support students enrolled in the Department of Kinesiology. Intent is to honor the grandparents of Iowa State Athletic Training alum Scott Piehl; so that their names will live on well into the future. The training and education that Scott received contributed greatly to his career and he is grateful for the opportunity to give back to the college and program that afforded his success. This $1,000 scholarship is presented to an Iowa State Athletic Training Student(s) who exemplifies dedication to athletic training and a passion for helping people . Recipients will be selected through a committee selection process.

Seniors 2021

The 2020 Graduating Seniors were recognized and presented with an Iowa State monogrammed professional portfolio as a graduation gift as well as presented with their ISU Letterwinner's Senior Class Ring. Pictured: Front Row L-R: Levi Brouse, Katelyn Nelson, Rozlyn Elbert, Dani Bredar, Grace Quinn, Sarah Branning, Cassie Carr, Parker Eley, Jordan Graham. Back Row L-R: Alexis Glasby, Tanner Bos, Adam Sibert, Hudson Kopp. Not pictured: Paityn Grell.

Letterwinners for 2021!

This year, the Iowa State Letterwinner's Club transition the award bestowed to our students to a framed Varsity I Letter. This is a fantastic display of gratitude and congratulations to our students. Currently, students that complete MAT Year 1 will be eligible to receive a framed Letter. Thank You to the Letterwinner's Club! Letterwinners for 2021 are Molly Hinchliff, Jasmine Mumford, David Harrison and Dylan Harms. McKenzie Jackson and Avery Mobley were not pictured below.


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