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Iowa State Athletic Training 2019 End of the Year Banquet

Iowa State Sports Medicine is nearing the conclusion of another academic year and celebrated some great student accomplishments at the annual awards banquet held Sunday, April 28, 2019 at the Jacobson Athletic Building's Heartland Hall.

Iowa State Athletic Training Letterwinners with Mark Coberley and Pete Carlon

The Iowa State Letterwinner's Club presented our students (having completed four semesters in the program) with their initial Letter award - the iconic Iowa State Letter Jacket. The following students were presented their jacket by ISU Letterwinner's President, former Iowa State athletic training student and NATA Hall of Famer, Pete Carlon (pictured from front to back, left to right): Nina Van't Sant, Baily Robinson, Samantha Wolfe, Sandy Montoya, Haley Harapat, Hannah Van Roekel, Dillon Bennett, Lily Goluszka, Lauren Runquist, Mike Barrett, Derrik Kerns, and Abbie DeWitt. Our graduating seniors were gifted the official Iowa State Letterwinner's Ring.

The Athletic Training Program celebration continued with several annual awards and scholarships being presented to some of our most outstanding students in the classroom and in their clinical rotations.

The Athletic Training Program Academic Award is given each year to students who carry a 3.0 GPA through the previous spring and fall semesters while maintaining full-time student status; this award is also given to any student who makes a GPA improvement of 0.75 from one semester to the next. This year we had 25 of our 42 students receive this academic honor. The following students received the academic award:

Tanner Bos, Sarah Branning, Dani Bredar, Levi Brouse, Abby DeWitt, Grace Dierenfield (4.0 Fall 2018), Emily Eaton, Roz Elbert, Parker Eley, Alexis Glasby, Lily Goluszka, Jordan Graham, Haili Hansen, Haley Harapat, Kaitlin Hora, Derrik Kerns, Hudson Kopp, Sandy Montoya, Katelyn Nelson, Alec Nichols, Katie Primrose, Alexis Ring, Lauren Runquist, Hannah Van Roekel (4.0 Spring 2018), Samantha Wolfe

2000 by former athletic training student and long time supporter of our program, Bill Watkins. The goal of this award is to recognize students in the Athletic Training Program who have contributed greatly by displaying a strong work ethic, leadership and service to their future profession. The Robert Watkins and Mary Swartz Athletic Training Achievement Award and $2,500 scholarship winners are:

Samantha Wolfe

Hannah Van Roekel

The Frank Randall Distinguished Athletic Training Student Award was established in 2008 to honor former Head Athletic Trainer Frank Randall who served the University for 29 years. This award is presented to the Iowa State Athletic Training Student who exemplifies dedication, work ethic, accountability and excellence in the field of athletic training. The 2018 Frank Randall Award winner is:

Jenny Edwards

The Unsung Hero Award sponsored by Bill Watkins is an award that recognizes a student who demonstrates the qualities of a future professional, but may not be in the spotlight of the program. The 2018 Unsung Hero is:

Katie Primrose

The Tom Johnson Memorial Athletic Training Student Scholarship was established in 2016 by many Iowa State Athletic Training Alumni in memory of Tom. This $1,000 scholarship is presented to the Iowa State Athletic Training Student(s) who demonstrates a dedication to athletic training and a passion for helping people. The 2018 Tom Johnson Scholarship winners of $500 each are:

Dillon Bennett

Danielle Bredar

The William Piehl & Alfred Klein Athletic Training Scholarship was established in 2018 by Iowa State alum Scott Piehl. This $1,000 scholarship is presented to an Iowa State Athletic Training Student(s) who exemplifies a dedication to athletic training and a passion for helping people. The 2018 William Piehl & Alfred Klein Athletic Training Scholarship winner is:

Lauren Runquist

The 2019 Graduating Seniors were recognized and presented with an Iowa State monogrammed professional portfolio as a graduation gift as well as presented with their ISU Letterwinner's Senior Class Ring. The class and their future plans are listed below from left to right:

Emelia Johnson - Pursuing employment around Indianapolis, IN

Christine Peluso - Pursue graduate degree from CalU Penn and continue job search in central Iowa

Alexis Ring - Graduate Assistantship at Northwestern State University working with Track & Field and Cross Country pursuing a graduate degree in Health Promotion

Katie Primrose - Graduate Assistantship at Missouri State University with the Performing Arts Department

Haili Hansen - Graduate Assistantship at William Penn University

Kaitlin Hora - Graduate Assistantship at Emporia State University

Alec Nichols - Seasonal intern with the Kansas City Chiefs and pursuing a graduate degree from CalU Penn

Logan Battreall - Pursuing graduate school opportunities

Jacy Cornelis - Athletic Trainer at Boone High School via Boone County Hospital

Emily Eaton - Attending Washington University in St. Louis pursing a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy

Grace Dierenfield - Graduate Assistantship at University of South Dakota pursuing a graduate degree in Exercise Science

Jenny Edwards - Graduate Assistantship at Tulane University working with Swimming & Diving and Sailing pursuing a graduate degree in Health & Wellness

Congrats to our Award Winners and Good Luck Seniors!!

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