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Athletic Training Program Admission Requirements



Admission to the athletic training program is competitive and is based on available department resources and will be determined on the basis of grades in foundation courses and other performance factors. 


  1. A student who expresses interest in entering the athletic training program will enroll in the pre-athletic training program. During that time, the student must:

    • Satisfactory completion of Pre AT 218x Orientation to Athletic Training Clinical Experience

    • Complete and submit the Athletic Training Program Application Form 

    • Submit a copy of all high school and/or college transcripts. An overall grade point average of 2.50 without D’s or F’s in athletic training-related course work is required.

    • Undergo an interview with the Athletic Training Program Interview Committee  This committee is comprised of athletic training preceptors and educational instructors.

    • Complete the following courses or equivalents:

      • BIOL 255 Fundamentals of Human Anatomy

      • BIOL 255L Fundamentals of Human Anatomy  Laboratory

      • BIOL 256 Fundamentals of Human Physiology

      • BIOL 256L Fundamentals of Human Physiology Laboratory

      • ATr 222 - Basic Athletic Training for Athletic Trainers (minimum grade, B)

      • ATr 221 –  Athletic Training Clinical Practicum (successful completion)

      • CPR Professional Rescuer/First Aid Certification 

      • Complete a minimum of 75 hours of directed observation in a traditional athletic training setting.

  2.  All application materials are due to the athletic training program director by April 1st each year.During the semester that an athletic training student will complete the athletic training program admission requirements, he/she may apply for admission into the Athletic Training Program. Only students who are admitted to the program will be allowed to obtain clinical experience within any clinical sites affiliated with the athletic training program.

  3. Submit an update of college transcripts. Student must have maintained 2.50 overall grade point average with no less than a B in athletic training related course work.

  4. Submit three letters of recommendation forms from sources that verify the student’s ability to successfully complete a program of rigorous academic study, to deal effectively with athletes and other physically active individuals, and to work in an allied medical setting. Download the Athletic Training Program Reference Form

  5. Undergo an interview with the  Athletic Training Program Staff and Admission Selection Committee.

  6. Submit Pre-Athletic Training Observation List from clinical observation.  This will detail all of you observation hours, signed by a supervising preceptor.

  7. Signed acceptance of Athletic Training Program Technical Standards. Download the Athletic Training Program Technical Standards

  8. Submit proof of current CPR Professional Rescuer/First Aid certification and renew on an annual basis.

  9. Prior to participating in supervised observation clinical hours, a pre-athletic training student must complete Bloodborne Pathogen training.

  10. Students that are admitted into the athletic training program may incur additional costs associated with clinical experiences. For further information, contact the program director.The admission is based on a competitive admission process and the number of students selected will vary based on department resources with the maximum number of students based on the ratio between athletic training students and preceptors in the program at one time.Once admitted to the athletic training program, the student will be allowed to enroll in athletic training classes and will be given the opportunity to continue to complete clinical hours and obtain the necessary competencies to complete the program. Enrollment in coursework and assignment to athletic training rooms is contingent upon the student maintaining a 2.50 cumulative grade point average, satisfactory clinical evaluations, and clinical progress.


Transfer Student Policy


Students who wish to transfer into Iowa State University’s Athletic Training Program from another institution must first be formally admitted into the University. Students should contact the Office of Admissions for requirements and deadlines. Following admission into the institution, the Office of Admissions determines which courses will be accepted by the University for Course Credit towards graduation. 


The Athletic Training Program Director will review all athletic training courses to determine if they will transfer into the Iowa State University Athletic Training Program sequence of didactic and clinical courses. Meeting Iowa State University’s admission requirement does not guarantee admission into the athletic training program. Full transfer credit may not apply and additional semesters may be needed to complete the athletic training academic and clinical requirements.  


The Athletic Training Program is a six semester sequence of classes and clinical experiences. For transfer students, previous athletic training courses and clinical experiences will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine placement within our sequence of coursework. It is strongly encouraged that all transfer students meet with the Athletic Training Program Director to determine if athletic training courses may substitute for those offered at Iowa State University.

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