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Medical Insurance & Medical Bills Information


Iowa State Coaches, Athletic Trainers and Physicians strive to minimize injuries by providing the best possible protective equipment and by teaching proven strength and conditioning methods. Unfortunately, an occasional injury will occur and may require surgery and extensive rehabilitation. We invite you to take a few minutes to review the following information pertaining to student athlete injuries and medical insurance protocol.


When an athlete becomes ill or injured, any group or personal insurance, which is in force, must be considered as the primary. Our health care providers are asked to file claims directly with the insurance carrier.  Iowa State Athletics provides a secondary policy that will will pay any balance, including deductibles, co-payments, or out of network charges on claims directly related to athletic injuries after the primary insurance has paid. The policies specific to Iowa State University insurance coverage are consistent with the majority of Division I Universities and colleges.  They must complete the form and return it to the Athletics Department. The insurance information form must be on file before you will be permitted to participate.


Generally, claims against your primary medical insurance do not affect the premiums. If you currently have coverage on your student-athlete, we recommend that you maintain that coverage as long as the policy permits for full-time student dependents.


If you incur an athletic injury, the claim is filed first with your primary insurance company. The bills are sent directly from the provider to the insurance company and a notice (explanation of benefits) is sent to you. The Iowa State Athletics insurance policy will pay the balance remaining on a bill after the insurance company has paid, and it will pay the entire amount if a claim is denied.


International student-athletes are required by the University to have medical insurance. This policy will be coordinated through Iowa State Athletics Compliance and is covered by your financial aid.


If you do not have insurance coverage for your student athlete, we strongly recommend that you consider enrollment in Iowa State University's Student Health Service insurance plan. Under this plan, students may buy coverage for the entire year. This plan gives them 24-hour coverage, year round, at school or at home, but does not cover athletic related injuries. Further information can be obtained by calling (515) 294-4820.


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