Katie Blair MS, LMHC-t


Mental Health & Educational Enrichment Coordinator

Iowa State University Department of Athletics

Office:  Hixson-Lied Student Success Center, Room 2243

E-mail: kblair@iastate.edu

Mobile Phone: (517) 610-2080


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As Mental Health Coordinator for Athletics,, Katie brings over six years of clinical experience.  She is available to meet with you to discuss any struggles that you may be experiencing.  There is no issue or concern too small!  You can stop by to say hello, relax and unwind, or talk about things that may be concerning you.  Katie can help get you connected with campus resources that may support you through your current circumstance and serves a bridge to counseling services in the community.

How to Connect with Katie


  1. Stop by her office

    • You are invited and welcome to stop by Katie's office any time.  She is located in the Hixson-Lied Student Success Center, room 2243, across from the North stairwell.  If the door is open, come on in!

  2. Call or Text

    • You can easily reach Katie via call or text to (515) 509-7939.  You can leave confidential voicemails and texts at this number.

  3. Schedule an appointment

    • Appointments are not required, though can be helpful in coordinating availability.


Could I Benefit from Meeting with a Counselor?

It can be called many things; psychotherapy, counseling, talk therapy. Regardless of the language you choose, counseling is a powerful tool that can help support you during times of challenge and need.  Therapy provides an outlet to navigate through emotional difficulties, cognitive struggles, and painful experiences. Counseling is confidential and seeks to meet you where you are - focusing on your individual needs and circumstance.  Counseling promotes holistic wellness and provides an opportunity to help you reach your personal best.  Katie can answer any questions you may have about the counseling process and serves as a partner in connecting you with services.

If you are experiencing struggles, think you may benefit from counseling, or would simply like more information, contact Katie Blair, Sports Medicine Mental Health Coordinator

Katie Blair, Mental Health & Educational Enrichment Coordinator

Office: Hixson-Lied Student Success Center, Room 2243 (across from north stairwell)

Text or Call: (515) 509-7939

Email:  kblair@iastate.edu


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