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Retention Policy


Once admitted into the Athletic Training Program, the athletic training student will be evaluated each semester by their respective preceptor.  As long as appropriate progress is being made, the athletic training student will be allowed to move on to the next semester.  If progress is unsatisfactory in clinical or classroom performance, the student will be placed on probation for one semester in order to remedy any deficiencies.  If the deficiencies are not remedied in the time frame allotted the athletic training student will be dropped from the program.  The Program Director shall monitor student progress from one semester to the next and will make all probationary decisions in consultation with the clinical coordinator and the assigned clinical supervisor.




The athletic training student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and a grade point average of 3.0 in athletic training course work.




The preceptors will assess the athletic training student’s performance each semester.  The head coach of that team will also evaluate students who have individual sport assignments.




The athletic training student is expected to meet appropriate deadlines for the completion of competencies, clinical proficiencies and other responsibilities for membership in the Athletic Training Program.  Failure to meet the defined deadlines is grounds for probation or dismissal from the program.


If the athletic training student is making appropriate progress, he/she will be allowed to enter the next semester of the program.  If it is determined that the student has fallen behind in skills or is not meeting the responsibilities of his/her level, probation of up to one semester may be given to allow the student time to remedy the deficiency.

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